Learning How to Breathe

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my most life-changing epiphany.

For the sake of all involved, I’ll spare the sordid details (for now, at least). But I have learned a lot in the past gut-wrenching 365 days and I think it’s finally time to share at least some of it with the universe.

So here, in no particular order of importance, is a smattering of my most significant life lessons, à la Baz Luhrmann.


Remember to breathe.

Life cannot be orchestrated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the music.

Not everything I have been taught to believe is absolute truth.

Having sex and making love are two very, very different experiences.

Listen to the rain.

There’s a time to fight for what you want—and a time to surrender to what you need.

Lovers come and go, friendships wax and wane, but the people who really matter will stick around, no matter what happens.

Taking a risk is frightening yet empowering.

A failed job or relationship doesn’t make a person a failure.

There are no victims, only survivors.

I should always give myself an additional ten minutes than I think I need to travel to my destination.

Listen to your body.

Keep breathing.

You can only be successful if you give yourself permission to be.

Give people a chance to surprise you. They just might.

Admiration alone should never elicit trust.

I’m not perfect. But my body and mind are beautiful, nonetheless.

Sometimes the best adventures begin with a simple leap of faith.

Do your best not to provoke crazy people.

No story is ever one-sided.

Face time is far superior to social media.

Ending a relationship amicably is, sadly, sometimes impossible.

Time marches on, and so must I.

Unhappy people use harsh words that reflect more of their character than anyone else’s.

High school drama never really ends. Even when I’m 80, with sagging breasts and covered in age spots, there will still be mean girls.

It’s better to be dumb and kind than smart and cruel.

While useful, possessing a degree is no guarantee of adult behavior.

Are you breathing?

Inspiration breaks the rules. It doesn’t arrive during a nine-to-five schedule—or abide by its pay scale.

When one door closes, a dozen open.

A good friend will give you space, time and permission to rediscover yourself and redefine your existence—without feeling threatened.

Aim to do great things and expect to be criticized.

Money doesn’t mean happiness.

It’s better to simply tell someone what you do rather than to elaborate on how well you do it. Leave your ego at the door and let them decide.

Brilliant ideas aren’t always the most profound.

The most ideal time to discover your path is when you begin traveling, not when you’ve nearly arrived at your destination.

Character is more important than ability.

Sometimes our worst fears come true—and we still survive.

Just breathe.

8 thoughts on “Learning How to Breathe

  1. AMBER!!

    My favoriate lesson of the last year? “Do your best not to provoke crazy people.” Haha! Words to live by right there!

    I also love the play on words, Daley Muse! Perfect!

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