A Letter to the Boys

I’m a girl you should watch out for—but for a different reason than you might think.

I’m NOT the girl your mother warned you about. I’m the one that will send her flowers on your birthday, thanking her that you are alive. I’m the one that will hold her hand when she’s lying in her hospital bed, undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I’m the girl that will beg her for the recipes to your favorite food AND prepare them—while blowing your mind with my own mother’s pumpkin pie.

Yes, I’ll even iron your shirts in lingerie and heels—if you promise to make it an excuse for a photo shoot.

Wanna hang with the boys? Bring me along. I’m Irish. I can drink with the best of ‘em. Want an ass-busting mountain bike ride? I’ll be by your side. Want to see a girl manhandle a dirt bike? Give me a call. This girl might surprise you.

I live my life with passion. I appreciate beauty and I try to create my own. I dance, I sing, I paint. I write poetry and I watch sunrises. I hike snow-covered peaks just to find a pristine mountain lake. And sometimes, I might stop, mid-sentence, just to look up and watch the way the wind blows through the branches of a nearby tree.

You say you want a nice girl? Well, you’ve found her. But I realize that boys simply say this (but get scared when they find it) and men actually mean it. So when you’re ready to grow up from being your momma’s boy to being your mother’s son—and my lover, best friend and soul mate—then you know where to find me.

Yes, I might cry during sad movies. I cry when my feelings are hurt. And I can promise that I even cry when I’m happy. Hell, I might even make you cry. But I care about the world and the people in it—including you. And I will do everything in my power to right a wrong.

But disrespect me—or treat me any less than you would treat your mother—and watch out. Treat me right—and I will rock your world.

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