Finding a Little Summer

It was a cold one today in Idaho’s mountains.

And by cold, I mean it was a freeze-off-your-cojones-and-all-other-extremities kind of bone-chilling.

But, not anticipating the extent of this frigidity last week, I made my exuberant “Let’s drive into the mountains, forge a trail and go SKIINGGGGG!!!” proposal to an equally enthusiastic girlfriend.

Sunburst in snowy Forest (Aside: During the winter season, I spend the majority of my time with warm-blooded friends who are game for winter sports and messing up their hair in the name of an adventure. Fair-weather bimbos need not apply.)

So, after finding ourselves dozens of miles from civilization, we realized the sun was quickly descending–but stepped into our ski boots, stuffed our hands into our gloves and glided away anyway. And we skied. And talked. And skied some more. And talked much, much more.

Thoreau wisely said, “One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” Never mind the adrenaline that sizzled throughout our bodies, or the warming shots of Makers during a visit to one of Idaho’s quintessential mountain bars, or that we ended the night with a special bottle of champagne. All I needed on this very cold day was an adventurous friend with a sympathetic ear and a sensible tongue.

Isn’t that all any of us need?

It’s day one of what I hope will be a very happy new year. Here’s to keeping warm.

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