Do What You Love, Love What You Do

A year ago today ended an era–an era of on-site interviews, client meetings over coffee (interspersed with mid-morning mountain bike rides, of course), and a workload that spilled into late night hours. You could say I started a new job, but I didn’t just change my title, the organization for which I worked, or my group of colleagues. It meant a complete lifestyle change.

January 4th, 2012 marked day one of my career as the content manager for a fast-growing software company. The days took on a structure I hadn’t known in years, one of conference calls, marketing meetings, and, sometimes-stress-inducing deadlines.

And I couldn’t be happier.

To put it simply: I get to write. I’m able to contribute to strategic meetings with our marketing team. I get to brainstorm with our impressive creatives. And, my company? Well, we play ball with some pretty legit national brands, household names in their own right. (You know that porcelain throne you sit on every day? It was likely manufactured by one of our clients.) Recently, in preparation for a case study I’m writing, I spoke with the marketing director of one such brand. He had glowing words for my entire team that simply confirmed what I know to be true: My company is like no other.

Think lunchtime yoga sessions, monthly bake-offs, summer campouts, and kick-ass company parties. And that’s just the beginning. I also work in a super cool space in a historic building in the heart of Downtown, just a stone’s throw from all of the cultural events and nightlife you could ever want.

Balihoo campout 2012 - photo courtesy Steve Sakadales
Balihoo campout 2012 – photo courtesy Steve Sakadales

Many people work mediocre jobs for mediocre companies. And while I sometimes get frustrated by what often seems like an unending workload, and my accomplishments sometimes seem under-appreciated, I am never, ever bored. I love what I do so much that in another life (one in which I’m independently wealthy) I’d do it for free.

To have the privilege to work for a company like mine, I’d say that’s cause for inspiration. So, here’s to 2013. Methinks it’s going to be another great year doing what I love. I sincerely hope you’re able to say the same.

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