Blog Ball Drop for Cocktails and Conversation

Beginning in 2013, I promised to blog daily. Well, less than a week later, I dropped the ball: Around 11:30 last night, the day had escaped me. And, rather than frantically writing some poorly planned excuse for a post, I instead opted to catch up with friends (whom I haven’t seen in nearly a month) over cocktails.

As dedicated as I am to this 365, er, 364-day-long endeavor, I realized something that many of the great artists, thinkers, and inventors of all time have often forgotten: Sometimes inspiration can wait.

The beautiful people in a person’s world (I call them my friends) are simply more important.


2 thoughts on “Blog Ball Drop for Cocktails and Conversation

  1. Do I know this far too well. I have had a difficult day today with my writing. My goal is to write once every two weeks. To be frank, I think it’s unfeasible. I can’t write under my self-imposed rule. Not sure if that makes sense. I can’t call on Inspiration. She comes and goes as she pleases. – And God knows I can’t write unless I’m inspired. Anything can trigger the inspiration, but if nothing stimulates it, I can’t force it. With that being said, I enjoy all your posts. You write beautifully.

    Us writers can’t forget there is a world outside after all. Perhaps that’s where Inspiration lingers too.


  2. Well said, L. And thank you for the kind words.

    For me, it’s about finding balance. If I waited for inspiration, I’d probably write only poetry, and only pick up my pen maybe once or twice a week at that. So, I guess you could say this is one 300-something-day-long experiment (see? I’m getting more realistic) to decipher whether or not meaningful words can be contrived or if brilliance only comes about upon a muse’s whim. It shall be interesting to see!

    I’m looking forward to reading your writings, and thanks for connecting.


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