Taking Time

It’s looking like “The Daley Muse” isn’t as regular as I might have hoped.

toilet paper roll

But rather than suffering from a case of creative constipation, I’ve intentionally spent a few days away from the blogosphere to reassess my priorities. See, since my commitment to blogging daily starting in 2013, it has become apparent that, for a person striving for balance over prolificacy, the endeavor may have been a tad overambitious.

The catalyst for rethinking said undertaking? A respected friend recently commented that it seemed “to already be becoming a chore.” And he was absolutely right.

Now, I can forfeit my social life or even one of my precious eight hours of nightly sleep to plunk away on my laptop, but why? I want my creative pursuits to enhance my life, not consume it.

So, in the name of balance (and sanity), I’ll be blogging daily–but only if I feel like it.


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