By a friend: A story so timely and so beautifully told, I have to share.

May we all “keep on holding doors, holding hands, and holding onto hope” but most importantly, “keep on listening to big words and remembering the Kings and Queens who said them.”

Happy MLK Day, friends.

Chop Wood, Carry Water


Dear Lulu,

Many years ago lived a man with dreams, ideas and words so big that some of the world couldn’t handle his greatness. His words were so powerful that 44 years after they were gone, you sat on my lap listening to them and shed a handful of tears when you heard he was killed. You were confused and thought he was a King. I whispered “he was.” You said it’s not fair that he was killed when all he wanted was for people to be nice. I whispered “you’re right.” You wanted to know if I had ever met him and I said “no, but I was lucky enough to meet his son.”  I let each tear fall without intervention, explanation, or even the dab of a tissue. Some tears are so deep that not even mommies can stop them.

You worried someone would shoot me because my…

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