Mastering the Art of Moodling

“The imagination needs moodling–long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling, and puttering.” -Brenda Uhland


Today was day four of my vacation (the first I’ve had in a very long while). The time off has served both as a sabbatical from work but also from a few aspects of reality from which I’ve needed a break. Rather than exploring some foreign land, however, I’ve used the time to relax at home–and to the nth degree. I’m talking staying up late, sleeping in, lounging around, and enjoying a week without an agenda–quite the challenge for an admitted workaholic.

Considering my propensity for working to an excess, I believe I’ve earned this time. And, if I may say so, “long, inefficient happy idling” is beginning to look quite good on me. So, bolstered by the words of Ms. Uhland, I’m moodling, without a shred of guilt. In fact, I’m reveling in these deliciously idle moments, knowing that my imagination will surely see the benefit.

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