What If? 21 Questions on Friendship, Martians, and Happiness

questionsThe answers to these questions may just hold the keys to the universe. Well, my universe, at least.

What if we grew younger, rather than older (à la Benjamin Button)?

What if beef was all there ever was for dinner?

What if men and women were unable to touch or see each other while dating and could only hear one another’s voices?

What if all of our friends as kindergartners remained our friends through adulthood?

What if our secrets were tattooed on our foreheads, so everyone we met would be able to instantly view a laundry list of our past achievements–and failures?

What if we exercised our minds as rigorously as we do our bodies?

What if we learned that some of our friends actually hated us quite a lot?

What if artists, musicians, and dancers were paid better than doctors, scientists, and software developers?

What if, for every alcoholic beverage consumed, we also drank two glasses of water and a shot of wheat grass?

What if, for every ten hours of television we watched, we read a book instead?

What if we were as inclined to forgive as we are to criticize?

What if we cared as much about staying in love as we do about falling into it?

What if it really isn’t all about you?

What if we made as big of a deal making happiness for ourselves as we did in making money?

What if we exercised our option to listen as frequently as we exercised our “right” to speak?

What if you found out you were going to die tonight at midnight? What would you do right this moment?

What if you changed nothing about your life from now until age 80? What would you regret?

What if cats could talk?

What if our friends and family are all just martians taking part in some elaborate scheme to abduct us in order to begin life on another planet?

What if we’re the martians, and we just don’t remember our previous lives?

What if it’s not that complicated, and we’re really all just humans doing the very best we can to experience love and life in the richest, most fulfilling way we know how?

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