Dislike: Social Media is Getting Too Social

Last week Instagram unveiled its latest update for users: the ability to post 15-second videos to one’s profile. And earlier in the week, Facebook enabled clickable, searchable hashtags.


Facebook dislike logoWhat happened to doing one thing, and doing it well? More than ever, Facebook seems to be a convoluted mass of irrelevancies, comprised of absurd posts from high school acquaintances you haven’t spoken with in over a decade, Sponsored Stories, Candy Crush requests, and spam-like trolls. Also, if my grandmother were alive today, I’d bet she’d be on Facebook, and that, my friends, is yet another reason I’m tiring of the social media giant.

I’m not threatening to deactivate my profile–at least not now. But I AM getting tired of social media platforms (like Facebook, and now Instagram) trying to be all things to all people, and worse, trying to take over the world. I, like many of my generation and those up and coming, am over it.

And to go a step further, brands are sorely mistaken if they ignore the millennial crowd, or if they believe we they can reach and engage with us via antiquated means of interaction. And Facebook is quickly becoming less relevant to many younger users. Even if this age group isn’t a brand’s target audience, they very well will be–eventually. To ignore this audience (e.g. me and my peers), our whims, and, ultimately, our power, is to position your brand on the deck of a sinking ship.

Facebook may not be going anywhere, but user interest (at least among the younger generation) is waning. My advice? Follow US. Examine the platforms we are adopting and using frequently. Right now, these include Vine and Snapchat (the latter has raised $75 million to date). And remember, when we engage via social media, we want fresh, simple, authentic content–delivered sans spammy marketing onslaughts.

That’s something any of us like.


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