A 10 Year Old in Snow Just Taught Me Everything I Need to Know

To the young neighbor boy that lives just down the street: You probably won’t remember today, but I will.

This morning, as tiny snowflakes continued to blanket my landscape, I sat at my computer, attempting to write something poignant about the transitory nature of life and the seasons, but was distracted by the scene just outside my window: You were walking by with your little sister in tow, kicking tufts of snow with your winter boots and laughing as it sprayed upward and fell in your faces.

snow-angelI caught myself staring at you two, and I hope you didn’t mind the silly smile that crept upon my face as I peered out the window.  Relevant to my musing, I couldn’t help but marvel at how, as children, you don’t dread the future, you don’t regret the past, you just enjoy each moment as it presents itself.

Then, as if on cue, you bent down, touched your tongue to the fresh powder and smiled before you rolled over and made me a snow angel. I won’t lie; It made me cry. Maybe it was my already sentimental mood, or maybe it had something to do with Mazzy Star singing to me at that very moment about Flowers in December. Either way, your timing couldn’t have been better.

Someday you might be the one inside, pressing your nose up to the glass, remembering what it was like to be “your age.” But I hope the day never comes when you hold back from tasting freshly fallen snow, and I hope you never stop enjoying moments just like these.

Thank you, my young friend, for your snow dance, and for the beautiful snow angel in my front yard. I hope you will always be young at heart.

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